Pup selection

The puppy is going to share many happy years with you, so be careful in buying dog puppy. Don’t buy your puppy simply on impulse because it may cause heartbreak later on.

Before bringing your beloved pup to your home, peep into as many dog shows as possible and also read all about the breed of your preference to analyze your needs and preferences for your dog. Puppy selection solely depends on your need.

Animal shelter

Animal shelters always have surplus dogs requiring good homes. Puppy dog selection may be done in animal shelters.

The best shelters interview you before letting you take home one of their charges. Because these dogs have had previous homes, be prepared for unexpected behavioral problems. Such dogs may take a while to settle down.

Purebred Puppies

Recognized breeders or friends and neighbors are good sources for purebred puppy selection. If you buy from a breeder, ask him to help you with your decision.

Once you have identified the puppy dog from him, discuss with him regarding the requirements of feeding, grooming, animal’s positive and negative aspects, and also last but not least, the details of immunization given to the pups.

A breeder will help you in all aspects of puppy selection. A respectable breeder will answer all of your questions and also love to visit your home to provide you a good idea regarding the dog puppy husbandry.

Most of the breeders are more concern with the new dog owners to place their lovable pups in responsible homes.

Dog Owners

Another source of puppy selection is from one-dog owner who wants to sell the puppies from an occasional litter to pay the expenses of his small-scale breeding operation.

To find such kennels and part-time breeders and hobbyists, check the classified section of your local newspaper or look in your telephone directory.

You should not buy puppies from pet shops because that a pet shop couldn’t possibly stock the proven breed of the dog.

How to choose your Puppy dog?

You should clearly keep this point in your mind while puppy selection–

Try to choose one that is not only right for your lifestyle today, but also one that you think will still fit into your daily routine in ten years time. Puppies should stay with the mothers until they are eight weeks old.

The Puppy should be active, alert and inquisitive. When it first meets new people it does not cower, but comes forward to investigate, which is a good sign of confidence. Puppies that are overconfident, however, can sometimes develop into dominant adults.


Points to be pondered in Puppy selection

  • The eyes should be clear and bright, and free from any discharge. There should be good pigmentation, and no sign of inflammation or irritation.
  • The ears should always be pink inside with neither an unpleasant odor nor any sign of crusty or waxy discharge, which is suggestive of ear mites.
  • The skin should not be oily or flaky, and it should not have any sores or lumps. The hair should be firm and not come out when it is stroked.
  • The gums should be pink and odor-free.
  • The anal region should be clean and dry. There should be no sign of diarrhea or other discharge from the genitals.
  • When it is picked up, the Pup should feel firm and heavier than you expect. If the puppy is relaxed while being lifted, this is an indication of the development of easygoing character in your pup when it becomes adult.


How to assess your Pup’s temperament?

The mother of your Pup can give you a nice idea about your Pup’s temperament. Watch deeply the behavior of the pup with its littermates.

Bossy puppy dogs always become dominant dogs in future days, but submissive pups will become as insecure adults. The best pup should be from with the temperaments between these extremes.

As bottom line, puppy dog selection serves as an important criterion for dog rearing. Hence utmost care should be given for good puppy selection.