Signs of Canine Illness

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How to find the canine illness particularly in the early stages of the clinical problems in dogs? This is often a million dollar’s question in case of pet owner like you. First you need to understand about your dog and the biology of this species before suspecting canine illness.

Similarly, the behavior features called as ethological aspects are to be known at least to some extent by the dog owner like you. Just observe silently about the daily activities of your dog. You may be the multimillionaire or billionaire. Continue reading

Neutering Myths Exposed Here…

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First let you know the meaning of neutering. Literally it means to castrate or to spay the animal.

Then, you may naturally ask another question. Why I should resort to the neutering of my dog? Yes. This is naturally a question that comes to your mind as a dog owner. By neutering your dog, first you are avoiding the unwanted offspring from your pet dog. Continue reading

Can a Pregnant Dog be Vaccinated?

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Prtegnant dog

Yes… Two to three weeks earlier to pregnancy activity that is expected, the pregnant animal may be vaccinated against viral diseases. This helps to provide maternal antibodies to the young one to be given birth.

Is there any need to give rabies vaccine to dogs? Yes.  It is a must to go for the anti rabies vaccine for dogs.

When this anti-rabies vaccine is given to the dogs, what precaution does one need to undertake in this regard? Rabies vaccine is given at age of thirteen to fifteen weeks of age and should to be repeated in fifteen months and then once in three years.  It is important that the dog is given this vaccine.

How To remove Foreign Body From Eye and Ear OF Your Dog?

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Dog Foreign Body

Foreign bodies such as grass seeds often enter the ears, nose, eyes, vulva, or skin, and especially the area between toes. The dog then shakes its head, sneezes, paws at the wound, or licks it vigorously. The body tries to eliminate the object by creating a local bursting abscess, but objects such as grass seeds can migrate throughout the body.

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