How to Make a Dog Stop Biting?

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How to Make a Dog Stop Biting?Do you know dogs bite every year at least 4 million people? Although some of the bites are minor, sometimes the victims end up with severe injuries or even fatal. You’ll be in legal trouble if you own the dog with biting habit.

One step further, if it kills someone, you’ll be behind bars also! Still dog is most adored pet through out the world. Knowing the ways and means to stop dog biting you or others, your pet would be the perfect one.

The dog biting behavior is a natural instinct of a dog (canine dominance behavior). We can’t change it completely. By means of different exercises, you can give psychological treatment to the dog to make a dog stop biting.

Don’t punish the biting dogs! The dog must understand that you’re not liking its biting habit, not the dog itself.

Dog biting can be stopped at three stages of its lifetime viz., young puppy, a year old adult (teenager), two-to-four year old adult. If your dog crossed four years and still having the biting habit of your neighbors, then it is better enough to euthanasia or disposed off any other means…

How To Get Rid of Dog Hair Falling out Problem?

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Why my dog’s hair falling out?“- is the million dollar question among the dog owners like us. Dog hair falling out

Seasonal Alopecia

This is also one of the major cause of hair loss in dog. Bulldogs and boxers are more prone for this problem than any other breeds. This can easily diagnosed by skin biopsy. Melatonin can be used to correct this problem.

Fungal Infections

Fungal infections will also produce dog hair falling out  problem. Your vet can easily identify the presence of fungal infection by running a fungal culture. He will prescribe anti-fungal drugs to get rid of this infection.Few weeks of antibiotic therapy with anti fungal medication also will do needful to get rid of dog hair loss due to ringworm. 

Endocrine Disorders

Dog losing hair is extensively noticed when there is severe endocrine disorder. Cushings disease or Addisons disease is the common cause for endocrine hair loss in dogs. The blood work run by your vet may give a hint of any of these diseases.

Stress and anxiety
will also lead to your dog’s hair falling out. But it usually occurs on the legs, where dog can chew and lick. Hence keep an eye on your dog to get rid of this problem initially. Otherwise you may require to sweep your kennel floor regularly to remove the hair of the dog hairs…

The Puppy Growth Chart

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Once you know the details of stages of puppy growth, it is easy for you to know your responsibilities as a Breeder. Thats why I am giving you the puppy growth chart to become as a responsible breeder.

This puppy growth chart not implies  the weight  but the behavior  of your pup.  You can easily compare the following  behavior with  your pup.
1-2 weeks age- The pup is helpless with closed eyes. Dam must provide constant care; Owner must ensure warmth and cleanliness; puppy nurses, crawls, needs stimulation for elimination; sleeps 90% of time. Opened eyes on 10-th day.

3-4 weeks age- Owner sustains optimum environment; puppy is alert, laps for bowl, takes first steps; defecates on its own; baby teeth emerge; barks, wags tail.

4-5 weeks age- Ambles, growls, and bites; play and interaction increase; human contact limited but essential ; learning begins.

5-6 weeks age- Weaning; human socialization vital; pack order apparent; sex play; explores and sleeps less.

7-8 weeks age- Two to three daily meals; puppy accustomed to human family; breeder initiates house training; first veterinary visit; wary of the unknown.

Epistaxis in Dogs

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You may be alarmed once you have noticed a blood tinged droplets in the floor of your pet’ room (kennel) don’t worry!!! Your beloved pet may be suffering from “Dog epistaxis”.

Bleeding from the nose is called epistaxis. Most of the owners may get frightened once they noticed blood droppings from nostrils of the dog.  Although there are numerous reasons for the dog epistaxis, the major one is TRAUMA.
baxter3.jpgCauses of Epistaxis include  during summer etc. Some times the cause of epistaxis is mainly due to infection also! (e.g. Ehrilichosis, Bartonella,). Long nosed dogs (so-called “dolichocephalic” breeds such as Collies) are the risk prone groups for the cause of epistaxis.

Don’t get frantic because your pet will also become frantic and it will increase the blood pressure of the dog, which may cause profuse bleeding from the nostrils- Bilateral Epistaxis.

You can minimize epistaxis by following the first aids like–

Foment the base of the bridge of the nose with ice pack in such a way that your dog can breathe around the ice pack. The main purpose of this first aid during epistaxis in dog is to constrict the small blood vessels in order to minimize the bleeding from the nostrils.

Your vet may seek the help of tranquilizing drugs such as trifluopromazine, acepromazine to make the dog calm. Don’t use these drugs unless your vet prescribed.

Some of the pets may engulf the dropping blood continuously that may lead to black stools. So don’t worry, as many dog owners worried that their pet is going for G.I. tract infection. This is a clear-cut case of Post epistaxis symptom.