Common Ailments of Canine Senior Citizens

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Common Ailments of Canine Senior Citizens

Do you know the gradual degenerative changes and aging processes start far earlier in a dog? You can see these changes once your dog crosses seven years.

Your pet would be less active, increased thirst with poor appetite, and less than normal urination and frequent constipation. Hair falling is the major symptom of the aging in a dog.

Your dog may become obese once it crossed seven years, hence do give proper exercise program to your pet with veterinary consultation.The aged dog finds difficult to cope with extreme cold, heat, change in routine and fatigue.

Some of the old dogs may go for hearing impairment and eyesight. He may loss his temperament more frequently than normal.

Other ailments of your senior canine citizen includes hip dysplasia, male prostatism, heart disease, kidney infections, arthritis, and rheumatism.

Indeed, mouth is the barometer of nutritional health. Dental care of the dog is very important in this stage.

Overall, all these ailments require immediate and constant veterinary help. Hence the aged dog should be subjected to veterinary visit at least once in a month. Happy aging!!!

Perfect Pup selection Points

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Now that you have decided which dog breed suits your own temperament, your lifestyle and your needs, there will be much to look out in the pup before you make your final purchase. This is a right time for you to get know about pup selection points. Here I am giving top six pup selection points for your quick reference-

  • The eyes should be clear and bright, and free from any discharge. There should be good pigmentation, and no sign of inflammation or irritation.
  • The ears should always be pink inside with neither an unpleasant odor nor any sign of crusty or waxy discharge, which is suggestive of ear mites.
  • The skin should not be oily or flaky, and it should not have any sores or lumps. The hair should be firm and not come out when it is stroked.
  • The gums should be pink and odor-free.
  • The anal region should be clean and dry. There should be no sign of diarrhea or other discharge from the genitals.
  • When it is picked up, the pup should feel firm and heavier than you expect. If the puppy is relaxed while being lifted, this is an indication of the development of easygoing character in your pup when it becomes adult.

Hope this will give you how to select a pup for your esteemed family in a better way. Once you adhered to these pup selection points, you will end up in a happy pupping!!!

How to stop dog barking?

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Stop dog barking

You may ask me again whether it is possible for us to stop dog barking? I know you will feel like this only. But, you see that there are some ways to keep the dog away from barking for some preferred periods, at least. Got it?

Understanding on the nature of your dog

One has to first understand why the dog is barking? This may be found highly variable from species to species or from individual to individual.

Some dogs are trained to bark (e.g. hounds). Some dogs bark to express its boredom or need for playful activities. Hence, they bark. Provide suitable remedy and the dog stops barking. Okay?

Food as an alternative for distraction of the dog

Simple remedy for stopping the dog barking is just to make some thing that distracts the dog from barking. This may be some kind of offering of food varieties to the concerned dog during the barking activity.

Ignoring the activity

Just ignore the barking of your dog but try to reward it by praise or play toys. The dog may now stop the barking activity immediately.

Wearing of automatic no bark dog collar

The wearing of automatic no bark dog collar in the dog will help to stop the barking activity when the dog attempts to bark. This is done by means of a shock condition developed by the sensors present in the concerned dog collars.

The dog collar’s sensors usage is not interrupted by other calls from the nearby dogs or loud noises.

Car ride

Take the barking dog in a car and have a good car ride. The external strange smell and the surroundings make the dog to get distracted and the dog may now stop barking activity. Most of the times, this remedy works in case of dogs.


The frequently barking dog needs to be taken out for an exercise by running or allowing the dog to catch the ball etc.

Hence, due to the increased physical activities, the dog attempts so much time to relax and keep away from the frequent barking activity.

Avoidance of some specific activity

Yelling like activities need to be avoided though some times it may seem to work well to stop the barking activities of the dog.

Many times, such yelling activities may increase the dog’s barking activities. Hence, one has to take more care in this regard.

Moving out as a remedy

Many times to express the need of going out, the dogs may bark. Hence, take the dog to a place outside of the house and the dog now may be seen more relaxed and stops immediately the barking activity.

Provide easy outside access from the kennel to the dog and this helps to calm down your dog and hence, finally don’t bark in general.


When the dog barks, just say ‘no’ to the dog. If the dog obeys, just reward it by offering some biscuits or some palatable food items preferred by your dog. Thus, reflex actions may reduce barking activities. We need to use the same word whenever the dog barks to express our displeasure to the concerned dog.

Consult a veterinary behaviorist or pet behaviorist for additional suggestions.

How To Stop Dog Biting?

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The common strategies used to stop dog biting includes spaying or neutering your dog, socializing your dog, and training.

Spaying or neutering your dog

This is one of the easiest ways to prevent your dog from biting. The neutered dog normally becomes docile. These neutered dogs don’t roam around and picks up fight with other dog, thus developing the habit of biting. Neutered dogs are easier to confine also.

Socializing your dog

This yet another simple exercise that will help you prevent the dog from biting others. You expose your pet dog to different types of situations, places and people. This way the dog will get used to new situations. Such dogs will never get nervous at the sight of stranger or place. Hence there is no danger of getting bitten by the dog.

Training the dog

This is by far the best to prevent the dog from biting. Subject your dog to good dog training. Training the dog can be done at home. There is no need for sending the dog to other place for training.

There are numerous books are in circulation which explain the dog training techniques. You should read and understand the training techniques. If required you can attend dog training classes that are conducted near your locality. In your absence the other family members should be in a position to train the dog.

Teach your dog good and appropriate behavior. Dogs are good learners. Try to reward the dog for good behavior. The reward can be pat with fondness or food that the dog loves.

Try to show your dislike in case any bad behavior spotted. Your dog is shrewd enough to understand your body language. If required you can get the help from dog trainer, animal behaviorist or veterinarian in case you could notice any dangerous behavior.