How To Stop Puppy Crying?

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How To Stop Puppy Crying?

Your eight week old puppy might have crying throughout the night. I mean… ALL NIGHT! In spite of having his/her little cubby room with full furnishings like night-light, radio, dishes, bed, etc., he might have started crying once you closed the gate. It won’t stop crying through out the night. This is a clear cut case of “separation anxiety”. Yes, you need to ignore it, don’t yell.

Your pup need to sleep in bed with you. The puppy likes to cuddle, and also the puppy wants to be held all the time. Maybe yours just wants to be with you, not alone.

Most puppies whine when they are alone at night, because they were used to being with their litter mates and mother. Once you have separated the puppy from its litter mate, this problem of whining will persist for couple of days.

If he’s simply left alone in your home all day, he will sleep; then when you get home from work tired, he is a quivering, leaping dynamo of excess energy. So he/she will be active during the night and will create problem of crying in the night.

A simple idea is that fix a tick-tock clock. The sound made the pup to get sleep without crying. Make sure to give him a long walk every night about 30 minutes before he goes to bed so he gets tired.

Also, make sure he has a nice place to sleep on. A blanket, something soft, etc. A large stuffed toy might also be good for him to snuggle up to at night. Good luck!

Hair Loss around Eyes In Puppies

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Do you know hair loss around the eyes is a typical symptom of mite infection? This type of hair loss in puppies of above 7 weeks is noticed due to either demodex or sarcoptes. Based on skin scraping examination, your vet will be able to diagnose the problem of hair loss.

Your vet will be able to recommend the best plan after s/he looks at your puppy. The itching is enough to drive both the dog and you crazy, I know, but there’s not too much you can do about that, since steroids are contraindicated in parasite infections, and nothing else really works.

Even you can prefer to use Benzoil peroxide shampoo to prevent the alopecia in your pup. You should aware that your pup may go down in its condition as it spends more calories in scratching and generally being uncomfortable.

Make sure that your pup is provided with high quality feed especially rich in carbohydrates as this hair loss condition may lead to hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). Even healthy toy breeds may go for low blood sugar due to their higher metabolism.

Don’t forget to rule out even simple as a reaction to the shampoo you used. Hence hair loss in the puppies should be dealt very carefully in the puppies. Do follow your vet directions carefully to completely get rid of those itchy things…

Puppy Proofing- Perfect tips

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Puppy proofing 

For the first couple days when you first bring your new puppy home, it probably won’t get into too many dangerous situations, but once he feels a bit at home, brace yourself,
the curiosity level will start to overcome your sweet little puppy.

Therefore, some preparations around your home need to be taken to insure safety for the pup and your belongings. Usually, a veterinary clinic can provide a list of poisonous house plants. Certain ones can be deadly to your puppy. The movement of the leaves of the plant is very motivating to your puppy, so it’s a best bet to move all plants out of his reach, especially in the rooms where the pup would be unsupervised.

Also, Place all breakable or valuable ornaments or treasures up out of his reach. Removing the items eliminates the possibility of frustration and destruction of these articles, however if you choose to leave them within reach, you must be prepared to make the appropriate corrections when the pup investigates.

For correcting the pup for handling inappropriate household articles, I have found that sound and voice corrections work the best.

When you see your pup interested or involved with an off limits item, stamp your foot, or clap your hands and use a very stern and growly “NO” command.

The pup almost always will immediately stop the behavior and look at you providing you do the correction properly. If he’s not leaving the item, then you must go to him and remove him from it.

Urgent tones in your voice are usually enough to distract the pup from his own curiosity interests. However, if you’re short on training time or patience, perhaps the prevention method would be best for the early stages of the pup’s home life.

Will Pom’s are Picky Eater?

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Will Pom’s are Picky Eater?

One of my visitor asked whether pomeranian’s are picky eater. Because her pom seems like by the time they finish a small bag of dog food, he is no longer interested in it and we end up changing brands. Perhaps they’re just giving in too easily?

No… Pom’s are not picky eater. Generally Pom’s require nutritional balance, diet- ‘Commercial dog food‘. Pom’s owner should avoid one-sided all meat diet. Do you know your dog doesn’t require variety than “completeness” or balanced dietary components?

Most of the pet owners concentrate their animals with different varieties of cereals- corn, oats, wheat and meat- liver, chicken, lamb, beef. Try to include greens and other dry foods also. Please bear in mind that water should be made available at all times. Water dish should be cleaned thoroughly daily with soap and hot water.