How to Use Toys as Teaching Tools?

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dalmatian pup

Try to keep in mind during your interactive playtimes with the pup, that every action, word or command carried out can become a valuable part of the pup’s schooling and education.

For example, simply tossing a toy for the pup actually has the potential to teach your puppy to retrieve on command, recall or return to you on command, sit on return to you and give up the article without a struggle or fight.

All of these situations are basic, meaning that the pup will use these commands over and over again all through its life.

The earlier you start to focus the pup on these commands, the easier you and puppy will slide through the puppy months.

Understanding Dog First Aid Kits

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First Aid Kit

The most important person in both your lives from the moment you purchase your puppy is no other than a VET. His experience and professional advice will ensure the good health of your dog. But before showing your dog to your vet in emergency situation, it is highly advisable to do first aid for your dog using dog first aid kits.

Although the veterinarian is the first person to be intimated when accidents or illness occur, you should have your pet first aid kit to save your pet’s life.

Your pet first aid kit should be as handy as your personal home first aid kit. The first aid for your dog includes preventing infection, cleaning the wound and stopping any bleeding. Hence your personal dog first aid kit should contain the following ingredients-

  • Adhesive tapes to be used in case of cuts
  • Gauze bandages
  • Medicated powder

If you notice profuse bleeding from a deep cut, the bandage should be applied very tightly to arrest bleeding and helps in blood clotting.

Immediately rush to your vet’s clinic after applying tight bandage. In addition to the above discussed first aid kits, you should keep few cotton applicator swabs for removing debris from the eyes or applying ointment.

Hydrogen peroxide and pair of tweezerss should also be present as dog first aid kit. The tweezers are being used to remove foreign bodies from the dog’s body, head or neck.

Home Remedies for Stinky Ears in Dogs

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Do you have a stinky ear dogs? Don’t worry!!! You can get perfect home remedy for the stinky ears of your dog.

In nature, the wild dogs ears are erect and droopy. Humans interfered with nature by domesticating and breedingthese wild dogs. Repeated breeding favors to formexcessive hair growth in ears and drooping ears. The erected ears help to clean the ears on own.

If your dog is having following lesions, they are harboring the specific infections to that specific lesion.
1. Bad odor- sign of infection
2. Yellow discharge- yeast infection.
3. Black debris – Dog mites.

The top most good old home remedy for stinky ear is using hydrogen peroxide. Sometimes mineral oils and vitamin-C serve the same purpose.

You can bring out a new home remedy for dog ear stink (bad odor) by mixing garlic pod in olive oil. Allow this mixture to stay throughout the night. Couple of drops of this mixture can be used as home remedy.

Even you can clear the dog’s ear stinking odor by using diluted vinegar (diluted in rubbing alcohol or water).Allow this to stay for overnight. Loosened wax would be removed using cotton swab.If you come across with any open sores in ears, please withdraw the usage of vinegar. But in this circumstances, vimegar is liable to cause irritation and a burning situation.

Do plan to clean your dog’s ear twice in a year. This will prevent to use home remedies of stinky ear dogs.

How To Get A Puppy To Sleep At Night?

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How To Get A Puppy To Sleep At Night?

You might have gone out of your mind once your new puppy won’t quit barking and whining when you place him/her cage to sleep at night. You may wonder- How much do puppy sleep in a day? and how to get a puppy to sleep  at night?

These two are the billion dollar question to answer by any pet owner or even a dog trainer…

One of the perfect way, most of the puppy owners found to get the puppy used to sleeping in their crate at night is to bring the crate into their bedroom itself…

But make sure that you’ve potty trained, exercised and well fed before bedtime.

You can read some interesting books with lights on in your room. This will made your puppy to get rid of separation anxiety and also it will be very cool.

If your puppy whines or barks, say- “shhhhhhh”, once your little pet quiets, comment about the puppy- ‘goodgirl/boy‘ in gentle voice.

Once you’ve noticed your puppy and confident that puppy is laid and settling down, you can switch off the light and keep your books closed…

Again if your puppy whines/frets, give a gentle ‘shhhhh’. If you’re going to sleep, shift yourself for every few minutes and breathe audibly and deeply…Because your puppy should hear you and realize that you’re near him/her to take care off...Be less anxious.

I think you know very well that your puppy used to sleep with him/her kith and kin, it is a real change for the pup to sleep on their own!

If possible get a cloth with its mother odor and also litter scent from your breeder or a pet owner, where you brought your puppy. If you can’t get those odor cloth, you can use your own shirt inside the crate to get accustomed with your own scent (You’ve became foster mother-lol!)

Do remember to stuff the crate with toys and soft beddings to get your puppy a good night sleep!

This procedure of sleeping your puppy in your bedroom should be continued for couple of weeks or until your puppy settles down. Once your puppy started to sleep immediately after entering into your bedroom, you can shift the crate along with the sleeping puppy to a different area of your house.