Dog Clipping Made Easy

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Dog Clipping

Are you having Pomeranian, Terrier or Lhasa apso? Then, you need to clip the hairs of these breeds regularly. Otherwise, it may lead to serious consequences including mange mite infection and dermatitis.

Why Clipping Dogs?

Clipping dogs helps prevents dogs from overheating, clipping dogs to cool off; clipping takes the fur coat away; clipping dogs also has health benefits to prevent grass seeds stuck between the dogs toes.

Hairy breeds do require to clip the hairs at least once in six weeks. If you have approached a clinic for hair cut your dog, it may cost you at least $30. For an additional services such as flea dips, clipping toe nails and paint the toe nails, the groomers will charge you extra.

So, most of the pet owners clip their dog own. You should purchase a hair clipper for $10 (local Family dollar brand fits well). This clipper is meant for human only. You can use it for dogs also!

This clipper is made by conair and available with several comb sets and a pair of scissors. The smaller the comb the more hair that will be cut off.

So,you have purchased a hair clipper. Now do see any grooming book or a website to find a picture of hair clipping. These websites and books will offer you step by step instructions on hair clipping of specific breed. Some of the dog grooming websites are offering dog clipping videos also.

Intially you should fix the big comb attachment on the clipper. This will help you to cut the longest hairs in your dog. always face the clipper blade flat on your pet’s body. otherwise it could make a small nick or pinch on the skin. The flow of the clipper should be from root to tip i.e head to tail. This helps to give the blade the longest hair.

This type of hair clipping will give your dog neater appearance. If you need specific hairstyle, seek a professional help to make it best of its counterparts.

Some of the owners subject their dog for professional clip for two or three times, then they start learning the art of dog clipping in the ensuing months to perform by themselves.

Happy clipping!!!

Pet Health Insurance Is Something To Consider

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Pet Health Insurance

Pets are really a wonderful creatures that don’t have speech but fill a vacuum in your life. Pets are varied right from dogs to frogs. But pet health insurance especially for dogs, cats, and exotic pets are mandatory for a pet lover. You can get cheap pet health insurance if you shop around or get an opinion from an insurance agent.

The need for pet health insurance will be felt only when you step into a vets room. Do you know a simple one night stay in an emergency room with simple medication and diagnostics could run you upwards of $2000?

In order to meet out these rising veterinary costs, insuring your dog or cat is therefore a sensible move. With perfect insurance company, you are entitled to get covered for most type of injury or damage your pet might cause another person.

Benefits of Perfect Pet insurance company includes-

  • Find-a-vet and helplines
  • Advertising cost for your lost pet
  • Coverage for your senior citizen pets available
  • Vet’s fees up to £5,000

In reality some of the veterinary care center won’t treat your sinking pet without up-front payment. If you show the insurance premium of your pet insurance, your pet will be admitted within no time.

Pet health insurance works for your pet just like that of your personal medical insurance. Once you have taken pet health insurance for your pet, you can focus on the treatment of your pet instead of thinking if you can afford to do it at all. Still, why are you waiting? You can get a perfect pet insurance at the click of mouse also!

Advice For Beginner Aquarists

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Auarium image

If you are a beginner fish keeper, your success as an aquarist will often stand and fall with your choice of species and how much you learn about their requirements before you go about.

As a newcomer to the hobby, peaceful tropical community fish is an excellent choice since aggressive fish have very particular requirements that can be hard to fulfil if you are inexperienced.

When beginners get aggressive fish, the result is often excessive violence in the aquarium and injured or even dead fish. The fact that you go for peaceful species doesn’t mean that you have to be stuck with guppy, platy, molly and neon tetra.

You can for instance purchase some of the less aggressive cichlids, such as kribs.

The Kribensis cichlid will defend its territory while breeding, but if you give the couple a cave they will most likely be satisfied with defending only the cave. They might chase other fish around once in a while just to establish dominance, but they will not engage in any fighting unless the fish tries to invade their cave.

If you are interested in breeding fish, tiger barbs is another great option since tiger barb breeding is easy even for beginners. You should however keep in mind that this is an active species that can reach a length of 1.5 inches.

The aquarium must therefore be fairly big to house them. Ideally feed your tiger barbs meaty foods, such as Tubifex or daphnia, since this is known to promote spawning.

9th century Carpathian dog breed

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Hungarian Vizsla

If you want a versatile hunting dog that will excel as a pointer as well as a retriever, you should definitely take a closer look at the Hungarian Vizsla. The Hungarian name is known to cause some confusion for English speakers and a multitude of different spellings are circulating on the net as well as offline, e.g Vizla, Viszla and Wiszla.

The Vizsla is one of the oldest dog breeds and can trace its ancestry back to the 9th century when it was used as a hunting dog by the people inhabiting the Carpathian Basin.

The Vizsla loves to work together with its owner and is known to excel in obedience competitions. It is a capable pointer and also has a neck for retrieving. It is therefore a highly versatile hunting dog that can carry out a wide range of tasks. It is not necessary to use harsh punishments or even tough language when training a Vizsla dog, and punishing your dog can actually make it insecure and less apt at carrying out your commands.

When a Vizsla fails to carry out a command, it is often because it does not understand exactly what to do. Just like any other dog the Vizsla can naturally be mischievous at times, but it is generally a very obedient dog.

The Vizsla is still a rare and unusual breed, especially outside Hungary, and it is therefore not popular among the owners of puppy mills. The general dog health of the breed is naturally influenced by this, since the vast majority of Vizsla breeders are dedicated lovers of the breed that does not breed primarily for money.