Beaten Pup Care…

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Mini Aussie Pup

One of my client raised a new issue about his pup of six years old. His five yr old grandson was outside last Sunday when he heard his six month mini aussie pup crying, he looked out the window to saw him hitting him in the ribs with a stick.

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Understanding Dog Nutrition

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The vets and experienced dog owners may tell you that many over-the-counter dog foods are loaded with inadequate energy, proteins, vitamins, minerals and fats. So if you’re caring your dog really, concentrate on dog nutrition.

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Understanding Dog Enteritis

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Whether your dog passing distinct odor feces with watery consistency? Then, your dog is suffering from enteritis.

Dog enteritis is nothing but inflammation of the intestine. No particular breed is resistant to dog enteritis. The marked symptoms of canine enteritis is bloody diarrhea with continuous vomiting.

As a first aid for dog enteritis, you can supply large amount of water and the dog should be rested from any food that caused diarrhea. Then, fix an appointment with your vet for treating the pet.

You should consult the vet when the dog is showing continuous vomiting, diarrhea, and melena (blood in feces). If your dog shows signs of another illness, breathing difficulties and pain.

Your vet will provide simple antibiotics to counteract the condition. So, dog enteritis can be treated easily by your vet, if you provided the pet in correct time…

Home Remedy for Pets on Planes

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Wanna herbal medication for your pet that is going to travel in plane? Then, keep on reading this simple post. There are many home remedies for the pets to keep calm while traveling.

The most common sedative used for flying is not safe because it makes your pet to find difficult to adjust to the elevation changes.

The flower essences are the perfect home remedy for your air traveling pet. Bach Rescue Remedy is a flower essence that is going to be placed 4 drops on your pet’s gums prior to leaving.

Other herbal home remedy for your air traveling pet is Valerian. This will act on the neurorecepors in the brain. Just 50 mg per lb of this dried herb is more than sufficient to keep your pet calm during air travel.

Another effective anti-anxiety medication is Kava Kava. The main side effect of this home remedy is liver disease. If you use the dried herb, the possibility of liver malfunction would be reduced. The dose is 10 mg per lb of body weight for twice daily.