List of Common Dog Diseases

List of common dog diseases

Dogs are suffering from different kind of diseases. As a pet lover, you should know the list of common diseases of dog and also how to prevent the same. You should also know the first aid tips.


The vomiting in one time needs not be taken as a great problem of the list. The list to be prepared needs to contain features that are given by the concerned pet care specialist.

Most of the times, the veterinarian attending the pet animal will throw more light in the preparation of such lists. Keep such lists safely in your house.


The list needs to contain the problem of diarrhea. This is because of the increased incidences of diarrhea in reality. The dogs may eat some times more or some kinds of substances that are not the routine feed materials.

Hence, the list needs to emphasis on the occurrence of diarrhea as one of the more commonly encountered health problem in case of dogs. This health problem needs additional emphasis in the list due to the most common occurrences when compared to many other problems.


The list often should indicate on the dermatitis, which is more common among the pet dogs. The affected animals may have severe degree of itching especially in case of fungal infections.

The parasitic condition like demodicosis caused by demodex canis-the burrowing mites causing severe irritations on the skin regions in the concerned areas should find a place in the list to be kept by the dog owners.

Breed Specific Diseases

The list needs to emphasize the specific diseases of the concerned breeds of dogs.

For example, the diseases that affect commonly the bloodhounds are entropion and ectropion. These breeds may suffer from the eye problems like these often. Hence, this is to be quoted as a special one in the concerned list.

Similarly, the list of more common ailments is different in case of geriatric dogs when compared to the adult dogs. The puppies have different kinds of more commonly occurring ailments like occurrence of potbelly in them due to the severe parasitic burden.

Hence, the list needs to specify these different types of more frequently encountered ailments in your list. The list available with various dog owners may be compared and the problems may be short listed by the concerned and more realistic problems that occur frequently in the dogs may be emphasized in the concerned lists.

Nail injuries may occur commonly in case of dogs. Many times, when the dogs run here and there, some accidents may occur. The nail may get broken especially if the nail is not trimmed properly. In such cases nail infection occurs. Hence, the list also needs to associate the nail problems.

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