Common Dog Ailments

How To Keep Your Dog Healthy?

List of more common ailments in dogs is to be taken care of by the dog owners. The dog owner often needs to prepare a list of such problems even before the purchase of the dogs.

When the list of more common dog ailments is to be prepared, consult other pet owners who have some experience in the dog rearing. The list should reflect the problems that are often encountered in the dogs of that region.

The diseases that are not occurring in their region need not be given maximum importance in the lists that are prepared by the dog owners.

List should include commonly encountered ear problems, eye problems, problems that affect the stomach like bloat, the problems that cause severe digestive upsets like diarrhea or dysentery.

Also the list needs to associate the skin problems, anal gland problems, nail problems, anorexia due to multifaceted etiological agents etc.

The ear problems are common in case of many dogs. The list needs to be always available in easily reachable place of the house.

Whenever the dogs are bathed, the water should not be allowed to fall into the ear canal. If not, the affected dog may have constant shaking of ears or even the head region. Hence, the otitis should find a place in the list of problems that dogs suffer from.

Another interesting feature that is commonly noticed in list kept with the dog owners is the severe itching at the back regions especially the tail and the areas below the tail regions.

The tapeworm problems may cause such itching at the back side because of the constant crawling movements of the tape worm segments. Further, the tail biting may be due to the constant irritation at the anal gland regions.

The anal gland may get some times infected and hence the dogs often bite the backside regions in a vigorous manner. Hence, the list of the common pet ailments needs to comprise this feature without forgetting.

The list may specify seriously the common problem of vomiting in the dogs. The vomiting may occur due to many causes. The vomiting if continued for many times may be given more significance.

I have listed the common dog ailments noticed by the pet owners. The dog ailments mostly depends on the environment from where it is living. Specific pathogen free environment will make your dog hale and healthy.

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