How to Develop Dog Feeding Habits?

Feeding your day-old puppy is not a Herculean task because its mother is going to take care off it. Dog feeding habits usually starts only after weaning. Provide your puppy his meals at the uniform place at uniform time each day so that the dog will develop good feeding habits and get used to his daily routine.

A bit of table scraps (leftover food from your own meals), cottage cheese or even egg can be provided frequently; but never habituate your pup to do to eating human “junk food”.

Dog feeding schedule should EXCLUDE soda, chocolate, candy, cake, and other snack foods. As these food is for people only not for dogs. Even in TV ads also no dog eats these things, but human (lol).

There is no peculiar dog feeding guidelines. Most of the owners are using dry dog feed or table scraps only. Feeding a dog highly depends on the owner convenient. In addition, feeding your dog made easy by the use of sturdy non-tip, easy-clean bowl. Pet shops offer the best selection of colors, styles and sizes.

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