Hemorrhagic Enteritis Treatment Options

Hemorrhagic Enteritis Treatment Options

Hemorrhagic Enteritis is a disease of the dogs. In simple terms, it is like a diarrhea with the dogs. Some symptoms that your dog may experience are bloody diarrhea, vomiting and listlessness.

If your dog has got the Hemorrhagic Enteritis, do not worry because it is treatable. The treatment is usually suggestive. The main objective of this suggestive treatment is to return and sustain fluid and electrolyte imbalances in your dog and to give its gastrointestinal tract a complete rest.

The treatment for Hemorrhagic Enteritis usually includes:

  • Limit the intake of food taken orally.
  • Intravenous Fluid and electrolyte treatment with Dextrose 5-10%, Ringers lactate, Normal saline
  • Medicine that prevent vomiting (Ant-emetics)
  • Medicine to control excessive gastrointestinal motility (Antispasmodics)
  • Drugs that coat and sooth the gastrointestinal tract and prevent gastric acid secretion (Antacids)
  • Antibiotics treatment to control primary or secondary infection by bacteria or virus.
  • Medicine to control fever and pain
  • Immunostimulators (Ascorbic acid)
  • Medicine to stop bleeding (Haemostats)

The foundation of treatment to treat this Hemorrhagic Enteritis is a lot of supportive care. You should not feed your dog food or water by mouth for 1 to 4 days, but you can start the intravenous (IV) fluid treatment. You can also add Potassium to the fluids to give your dog more protein. Antibiotics should also be given to your dog, in case of bacterial infection.

You should only introduce food to your dog after a short while and also very slowly. If your dog’s Hemorrhagic Enteritis is caused by certain type of food, you should also change its diet.

Remember to get your dog to treatment as quick as possible you can because if this disease is untreated, it can be fatal to your dog. With your great care, the chances of recovery for your dog are very high.

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