Dog Show – Judging and Winning

Dog Show - Judging and Winning

In a typical dog show, the attending judges are always people and dog owners who know a lot about dog breeds. They usually judge the dogs by their breeds and how close are they to the original breed. A dog show is usually staged by a national kennel club and they organize championship shows for the dogs.

Standards for the Breeds

In a dog show, the judges will pick the dog that best fit the standards set for each dog breed. They will not compare the dogs but will pick one that is closest to the standard to win. They usually do this by comparing the dog to a standard list and see how much point that the dog will score. The dogs are then ranked according to their points.

The Judges

For each type of breed, the judges have to be very educated about them. The judges should have a huge amount of knowledge and experience with all types of dog breeds. Sometimes dog owners are suspicious on the points awarded because the lack of knowledge with some judges. They are also concerned about the bribery and favoritism that might have happened in some dog shows.

The dogs will have to accumulate points from different dog shows wins to be crowned champion of the dogs. There are also different levels of points accumulated and these are based on which show that the dog was in and if the show was a major or a minor dog show.

The number of points that a dog gets to be crowned champion is also depended on the country in which the dog competed in. Usually, dogs of the same level are grouped together, the divided again based on their breeds, different ages and sex also. They are then combined at the last round of the show to pick a winner of them all.

Dog shows are fun, you can mingle with dog owners and share your experience wit them as well.

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