Dog First Aid Made Easy here…

The dog may reveal the signs related to the affections in the respiratory system. As a dog owner, you should know dog first aid therapy. For example, when the dog bleeds, immediately take a sterilized cloth or cotton and make some pressure at the point of bleeding injury. This simple dog first aid will arrest the bleeding in no time.

The ice cubes may be kept in the area to cause the constriction of the local blood vessels and finally this may help to arrest the bleeding from the injury. Then you can take your dog to the nearby veterinarian for the intensified therapy.

In case of occurrence of wounds, immediately apply the antiseptic ointment to avoid or to minimize the secondary bacterial infections. This is a simple pet first aid.

The vomiting dog should not be moved frequently. Keep the head low in such conditions. Hence, the chances of aspiration pneumonia are less in such occasions. Like wise, the fractured cases will make more signs of pain.

In such cases, the dogs need not be moved violently. Just arrest the movement of the animal and take it to a veterinarian. These are the perfect pet aid therapies.

This will help to avoid the exaggeration of the condition of fracture and the related complications.

Dog first aid kits should have cotton, gauze, cleaning cloth, bandages, non-adhesive bandages, ropes, tapes, antibiotic ointments, antiseptic solutions especially the spray type of applications, anti-scratch solutions, antibiotic powders, stretchers in folded model or the tough clothes to carry the pet animal in case of emergency etc.

Never tie the mouth of the dog that is vomiting as a first aid measure. If you tie the mouth in such occasions, food materials that are vomited will directly enter into the trachea and may enter the lungs also.

Hence, the dog within a short period may develop signs pertaining to the aspiration pneumonia. There will be severe panting in such dogs. Hence, first aid therapies are most important to be known by the pet owner like you.

Pet dog’s first aid therapies need owning of first aid kits that are labeled properly with color ink and are kept in known place. Hence, this may be taken with ease in short period when the dog needs first aid therapy.

In the case of snakebite, place the dog in a stretcher rush to the nearby veterinary institution where you have availability of anti venom preparations. Never tie too tightly the rope above the snakebite area because it may cause gangrene many times.

I hope these simple dog first aid ideas will help a little to maintain your pet in a perfect way. Even you can attend pet first aid class conducted by Blue cross or other organizations that are working for the well being of animals. ALL THE BEST!!!

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