Dental Care for Dogs

Canine dentistry problems are very important for the owners to realise that no less than 75% of all canine dental health problems, serious enough to require a Vets assistance.

Most of the Vets relay that brushing your dogs daily is not just enough. In order to prevent unnecessary tooth loss flossing is essential.

There are so many canine dental devices designed to save dog’s teeth and keep them healthy. Here you can find articles of dental care for the betterment of the dog’s teeth.

Dog Dental Health Ideas

Dog dental health is very important for the general health of the dog. The health of the dog depends very much on what it eats. The eating nutritious food is possible only when the dog dental health is at its peak.

Plaques are the one that gets formed in the teeth between the brushings. Plaque is nothing but the mixture of saliva, food particles and bacteria. The plaque will be very soft at the beginning and it slowly gets hardened. The color too changes to brown when it has hardened. The hardened plaque is called tartar. As more and more plaques are formed, they spread to the gum, thus carrying the infection to gum. The tooth loosens, pain is evinced and finally the tooth falls.

Tooth brushing

Tooth brushing is the easy and simply the best in removing the plaque and also in preventing the formation of the plaque. The dog’s teeth must be brushed regularly. There are special tooth brushes available for the dogs. The veterinarian will guide you how to brush the dog. In case brushing the dog’s teeth is not possible, then you can think of using the chews that rubs the sides of the dog’s teeth. Your dog’s dental health will be perfect if you brush the teeth regularly.

CET chews

CET chews are one of the types of chews that help to maintain the dog’s dental health. These chews are rough and hard. These chews are treated with enzymes. These enzymes prevent the plaque formation. CET chews are for this reason is more effective than the regular chews.

Hextra chews

These chews are made from the company that is making CET chews. The hextra chews acts on the mouth bacteria instead of indulging in the prevention of the tartar. These hextra chews are treated with anti bacterial [chlorhexidine]. Hextra chews are certainly better than the CET chews in maintaining the dog’s dental health as the root cause of the dental problem, the bacteria is taken care by the hextra chews.


The greenies are bit hard and solid. Hence the dog needs to chew a lot before eating. In the process the teeth get cleaned well. But the problem here that in some dogs the greenies gets struck in the intestine. As the result of late [2017], the companies had started manufacturing soft greenies. These soft greenies get dissolved in the stomach that is alright. But the efficacy in cleaning the teeth can’t be compared with the hard greenies.

This doesn’t go to say that greenies are not useful in maintaining the dog’s dental health. They are indeed useful in reducing the tartar formation. The greenies do improve the mouth odor too. But one should be cautious while using greenies as they tend to increase the dog to put on weight. Hence the quantum of food needs to be reduced when greenies are used to improve the dog’s dental health.