Choosing the Best in Dog Names

Naming your dog is fun. It’s almost as fun as naming a baby. And it is also as tedious as coming up with a name for your baby. You should always think it through properly to give your dog a good name because you will be calling your dog by this name for a long time.

The first tip you should remember is to give your dog a short name. Longer names are harder to pronounce and maybe harder for your dog to remember as well. But don’t worry, a short name does not mean it won’t be a cool name. Try to find cooler names like Skip or Max. Stay away from confusing names like Noah because that would sound like a command to the dog, ‘No’.

Next, you can consider the personality and behavior of your dog after you have spent some time with your dog. If your dog is really bouncy, you can call him Bounce or maybe Happy. Or if he has a colored patch on his eye, you can call him Pirate or Patch. These are all cool names for a dog.

There are also a lot of popular dog names that you can choose from if you are ever out of ideas. Names like Sam, Buddy, Daisy, Ginger, and Benji are very popular with dog owners. Or you can always search for good dog names on the Internet. Maybe you can name your dog after some cartoon or comic characters.

Whatever name you come up with for your dog, make sure that you yourself liked it and your dog will actually respond to it. Don’t change your dog’s name after one or two weeks, because your dog will be very confused on which name to answer to!

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