Breeds of Dog

Breeds of Dog can be classified based on the body size, dog type, and life style. You should select your dog that fits into your life style both now and as your expect it to be in years to come.

You can decide the type of dog by visiting the kennels run by dog breeders. You can choose a pedigree dog from the various dog breeds available in the kennel.

You should choose a dog with a temperament compatible with you. Although mongrels are often endearing and in need of homes, you can also rear these mongrels as they are less likely to suffer from inherited diseases and disabilities than other purebred dogs.

Before going to choose a pedigree dog or a crossbred dog you should research deeply with the Dog books available in pet shops and libraries to acquaint yourself with the natural characteristics of the dog.

Choosing a specific breed of the dog for your home may be a direct function of the total area of your house. Dogs of large-size breeds unlike collies may make you consider the cost involved big dog houses . Similarly, the intent to keep a dog has to be considered while getting you a new dog. Those who need a therapy dog are more likely to choose a boxer dog while a large breed of dogs considered more suitable for guard duties Is a rottweiler.

Even you can select many modern dog names by researching with the available dog books. Sometimes you can select the dogs from the dog rescue centers. You can get the breeds of pitbull dogs, mongrels and even Rottweiler from the dog resue center.