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List of Common Dog Diseases

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List of common dog diseases

Dogs are suffering from different kind of diseases. As a pet lover, you should know the list of common diseases of dog and also how to prevent the same. You should also know the first aid tips. Continue reading

Common Dog Ailments

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How To Keep Your Dog Healthy?

List of more common ailments in dogs is to be taken care of by the dog owners. The dog owner often needs to prepare a list of such problems even before the purchase of the dogs.

When the list of more common dog ailments is to be prepared, consult other pet owners who have some experience in the dog rearing. The list should reflect the problems that are often encountered in the dogs of that region. Continue reading

Luxury Dog Bed- a Perfect Gift for Your Dog

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Luxury Dog Bed

Wanna present your dog with unique gift for its birthday? Then, luxury dog bed is a perfect gift. You need not go for shopping to fetch a dog bed. You can get luxury dog beds online, and be able to select from a large variety of colors, shapes, designs, and styles. Continue reading

Dog First Aid Made Easy here…

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The dog may reveal the signs related to the affections in the respiratory system. As a dog owner, you should know dog first aid therapy. For example, when the dog bleeds, immediately take a sterilized cloth or cotton and make some pressure at the point of bleeding injury. This simple dog first aid will arrest the bleeding in no time.

The ice cubes may be kept in the area to cause the constriction of the local blood vessels and finally this may help to arrest the bleeding from the injury. Then you can take your dog to the nearby veterinarian for the intensified therapy. Continue reading