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Home Care Suggestions for Hemorrhagic Enteritis

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HGE (at least in terms of veterinary medicine) stands for Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis, and it is a disease of dogs. The symptoms for HGE include bloody diarrhea, vomiting and listlessness in your dog. This disease if left untreated can be fatal to your dog.

Even though it can lead to fatality, if treated early, your dog should make a full recovery. If you notice the said symptoms in your dog, make a quick home treatment for your dog before bringing it to the vet. You should however give your vet a quick call and follow his recommendations.

For treatment at home, you should withhold all food and water from your dog. Your dog should not consume anything orally. Then you can continue to observe the symptoms very closely and note the regularity of your dog’s diarrhea and vomiting. Continue reading