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Dogtooth Cleaning Information

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Most of the dog owners have forgotten that dog has tooth. That’s why they’re not taking care about dogtooth cleaning. In the veterinary field, the research confirms that cleaning a pet’s teeth at least 3 times in the first 10 years of life really helps to prolong the pet’s life by preventing the bacteria from the tartar to get into the bloodstream and cause coronary, liver and kidney disease.

Dogtooth cleaning is highly advisable even though you’re regularly brushing your dogtooth.

While performing dogtooth cleaning operation, your vet would do blood work before putting your pet under anesthetic. They check to see if all the organs are functioning properly. Ask your vet if you can watch how a dental is done. It’s really simple!

Other simple ways that keep your dogtooth health include providing him dental friendly bones that will help to eliminate tartar and plaque. Even you can opt for better dogtooth health by feeding with dry dog food that can help to keep the teeth surfaces tartar free.